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Conset 501-37 Standing Desk - Radial

£543.00 651.60 inc. VAT)

Conset 501-37 is a standing desk that is electronically height adjustable meaning you get a workstation that can be used in the traditional seated position or as a sit stand desk. The desk is very versatile due to its height range and works well in schools, colleges, universities, offices, cubicles, call centres, studios and anywhere where hot desking is practised.

The desk has an attractive open appearance with a hidden cross-beam that doubles as a cable tray. The construction is robust and the triple column legs provide ultra-smooth action and a 100kg lifting capacity.

The frame has a number of built-in safety features. Firstly the height cannot be adjusted without pressing two buttons simultaneously and if the mechanism detects an obstruction the desk will automatically come to a stop.

The desk has a wide height range from 57-122cm allowing adults and children to share the same desk, in a seated or standing position. There are four cross-beam widths to choose from 92cm, 112cm, 152cm and 172cm which gives a desktop range from 100-200cm. Desktops are provided in length increments of 20cm.

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Price as configured:£543.00 (£651.60 inc. VAT)
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Conset 501-37 Standing Desk

  • Stylish open frame design in black silver or white
  • Various desktops finishes available to suit the workspace style
  • Easy to use electric height adjustment
  • Suitable for people of varying sizes from children and wheelchair users through to very tall people
  • Ideal for group sharing of a desk such as hot-desking
  • Built-in safety feature stops desk if an obstruction detected
  • Built-in safety feature 2 buttons must be pressed simultaneously to engage the height adjustment motor
  • Ideal for sit stand working to avoid sedentary routines
  • Great solution for people with back complaints who can't sit for long periods of time

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Assembly Instructions: Conset 501-37 Assembly Instructions
Desk Height Range (cm): 57-122
Desk Lifting Capacity (kg): 100
Desk Height Adjustment Speed (mm/sec): 28
Width (cm): 140, 160, 180, 200
Depth (cm): 56
Height (cm): 57-122

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