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Copytron Document Holder

£59.99 71.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS61014
The Copytron Document Holder has been specifically designed for use with the Ergotron Workfit T sit-stand workstation.
Designed with the help of Ergotron UK, the Copytron provides users with the ability to reference paperwork at a comfortable viewing angle of 17° which is something previously unavailable on sit-stand workstations of this type. It includes an anti-reflective top surface which supports documents up to A3 size and includes an open rear design to ensure space beneath the base of the monitor.
Copytron offers numerous ergonomic benefits. The slope raises the height of paperwork and offers varied viewing angles which means your posture remains in a healthy position without the need to strain to read paperwork. It also places documents in-line with the computer screen which removes the need to constantly twist the head when referencing. This minimises the chance of developing postural problems or further aggravating existing ones.

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Price as configured:£59.99 (£71.99 inc. VAT)
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Copytron Document Holder Standard Features

  • In-line positioning minimises awkward neck and eye movements
  • Can be used as a copyholder and a writing slope
  • 7 levels of angle adjustment from 19-40°
  • Supports A3 documents
  • Optional bookholder allows referencing from folders or books

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