Coronavirus Safety


The Coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges and necessitated the need to make drastic changes to how businesses operate and how we go about living our day-to-day lives. Some things, such as office working, may never be the same.

Back Care Solutions have made significant adjustments to the way we work, both internally and externally, in response to the challenges the pandemic has presented. These changes have been in place since the first lockdown and we are confident we are operating in a way that keeps everyone safe.

Back Care Solutions Staff Safety

The following is a list of measures we have taken to keep Back Care Solutions staff safe:

  • Half of our office staff are now working from home, with the appropriate facilities provided
  • Those staff who are still office-based are working at a significant distance from one another, with workstations placed wide apart
  • When office-based staff are moving around the building we have a bell system in place. This alerts other staff members that a colleague may be approaching in case adjustments need to be made
  • Office-based staff must wear a mask at all times and regularly sanitise their hands, especially prior to entering the building
  • All shared areas, including the warehouse, have airflow and ventilation processes in place to cleanse the air
  • Our premises are closed to non-employees to minimise footfall and social contact
  • All staff have undertaken Coronavirus awareness training
  • Full Coronavirus risk assessments have been completed and these are available upon request

Customer Safety With Contact-less Order Fulfilment

We have moved to a completely contact-less order fulfilment system with supporting resources and services as follows:

  • We are operating contact-less deliveries for all orders whether fulfilled by a courier or by our own ergonomic technicians
  • We have developed remote resources such as online videos, remote setups and our popular Sitting Tips guide to ensure these contact-less procedures do not impact on user experience
  • We are providing remote telephone/video assessments for a range of customers with outcomes proving as accurate and successful as an on-site assessment

Customer Safety With Physical Order Fulfilment

Those orders that require the physical attendance of our own technicians are being fulfilled with the following safeguards in place:

  • All technicians are taking an instant result Covid test once a week
  • During order fulfilment technicians wear masks at all times
  • If internal deliveries (i.e. desk builds) are required then our technicians wear both a mask and face shield
  • Gloves are worn at all times by our technicians
  • Technicians sanitise their hands regularly especially before and after deliveries
  • Our deliveries are paperless. Names and images are taken as proof of delivery rather than signatures
  • We are encouraging doorstep deliveries while keeping at a social safe distance at all times
  • If assembly is needed, the technician can do this outside the premises and leave the item at the doorstep once complete
  • If a technician absolutely must enter a property (i.e. If a customer has a condition that prevents them from lifting) then they do so under strict social distancing criteria
  • We request that all customers wear a mask, ventilate the room via open windows and allow our technician to work alone in the area
  • We conduct random follow up feedback emails with our customers to ensure our technicians are following these strict rules and procedures

Help Advice And Resources

We have the following help and advice resources available:

  • Chair instruction videos can be found here. They may not be your exact chair, but the principles remain the same
  • Chair instruction booklets and our Sitting Tips guide are also provided with orders
  • Homeworking advice can be found here.

If you require a workstation assessment, we have two remote options available, as follows:

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by phone on 01772 330333 or email using our contact form.

Further Information

Please check the following websites for regular updates and take care.

We Are Covid Safe