Select image to view: eBench Sit-Stand Bench Desk (1600mm Wide) eBench Sit-Stand Bench Desk (1600mm Wide)

eBench Sit-Stand Bench Desk (1600mm Wide)

£1307.20 1568.64 inc. VAT)

The eBench sit-stand bench desk range takes our height adjustable desks and offers a further alternative by creating electric sit-stand benches for a range of budgets. The eBench sit-stand bench desk system is a 'kit of parts' which are configured to offer a range of height adjustable desks and desk top sizes to meet various space requirements.

The eBench standing benches offer two shared standing desks from one system - allowing two people to independently adjust their workstation height from the one unit. The eBench standing desks also offer four desk screen options to choose from to ensure privacy for the two users. The eBench desks are ideal for offices where space is limited or in hot-desking environments.

These eBench sit-stand desk systems offer you a height adjustable desk system at an unbeatable price, backed up by our wide range of services which can include office planning and installation as required. The eBench range also offers various cable management systems and control options from a memory switch to computer and phone controlled adjustments. The eBench also has anti-collision technology, meaning that there is a built-in sensor which reacts to any obstruction when raising or lowering the desk forcing the desk to halt and then reverse to avoid collision or injury.

The eBench provides a modern look whilst also delivering the proven health and productivity benefits of height adjustable desks, making them a perfect solution for your standing desk requirements. Try an eBench to stand up for yours, and your workforce's health.

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Price as configured:£1307.20 (£1568.64 inc. VAT)
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Desktop Size

160 x 80cm (Rectangular)

Double the benefits

The eBench sit-stand desks are configured in pairs, enabling two users to adjust their desks independently. These can be expanded if required - please contact for details

Electric Adjustment

The eBench is quickly and simply adjusted from sitting to standing by the touch of a button. Each user can independently adjust their desk for complete individual comfort.

Health Benefits

Standing desks have been proven to reduce musculo-skeletal injuries and pain caused by sedentary sitting at work. They encourage active movement which increases blood flow and oxygen levels, which in turn increases alertness and productivity. By varying the working position from sitting to standing and back again, the eBench improves posture to reduce strain on the body. Standing desks reduce disc compression and pressure on the legs and bum caused by continuous sitting, creating a healthier and happier workforce.

Desk Screens

The eBench sit-stand bench desk system offers 4 desk screens to suit the style of your office. These desk screens provide each user privacy to avoid distraction and fully benefit from the productivity increase promoted by varying their working posture. The desk screen available are below:

Loop - The loop desk screen is 628 or 738mm high and 200mm shorter than the frame width. The lopp desk screen is an upholstered panel with a PVC trim around 3 edges and radius shaped top corners.

Cosy - The cosy desk screen is 628 or 738mm high and 200mm shorter than the frame width. The cosy option is a fully upholstered panel with beautiful stitching and radius shaped top corners.

Trio - The trio desk screen is 568 or 723mm high and are the full frame width. The trio desk screen is an upholstered panel with aluminium trim on 3 sides and includes a single toolrail across the top.

Halo - The halo desk screen is 568 or 723mm high and are the full frame width. The halo desk screen is a perspex panel with aluminium on all 4 sides.

All desk screen options provide a floor to screen top dimension of 1153 or 1308mm.

Desk Control

The eBench sit-stand function is ground-breaking with multiple alternatives to the basic, hand-controlled switch. The basic switch is a simple up/down control attached to the desk which requires manual pressing to raise/lower the desk. Alternatively, you can choose a memory switch which allows for pre-set heights to be 'remembered' to ensure your desk heights are always right for you. 

As with all modern products, the eBench sit-stand bench desk can now also be controlled by your computer or your phone! You can connect the desk's control box to a PC/Mac and adjust the desk via DesK Control Software (Free Download) or you can control the desk via your smart phone with the free Desk Control app.


Want to maximise space? The eBench systems are perfect when office space is limited, by allowing two individuals to work independently from the same standing desk unit. The eBench sit-stand desk is an ideal solution for project work by expanding the desks from a pair, to a bespoke setup. If you are interested in the eBench then we can also help with further services such as office space planning and installation.

Desk Height Range (cm): 60 - 126cm

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