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Ergonomic Mice & Ergonomic Keyboards - Input devices

Why an ergonomic mouse and keyboard?

Most people spend the vast majority of their day using a mouse and keyboard. Regular use of unsuitable mice and keyboards can cause long term injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Just like an ergonomic chair, mice and keyboards should be supplied based on the individual requirements of a person and the tasks they perform.

We supply a wide range of ergonomic mice and ergonomic keyboards with the aim of preventing and alleviating long term injuries whilst improving the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of individuals.

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Types of Ergonomic Mice & Ergonomic Keyboards

We have various ergonomic mice and keyboards designed to prevent and manage various physical injuries brought on by using traditional mice such as Repetitive Strain Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Each model has unique benefits to suit each inidvidual requirement. With a two week trial available on our ergonomic mice and keyboards, you can ensure you end up with the right ergonomic mouse or ergonomic keyboard for you!

Ergonomic Mice

Vertical Mice - Keep the forearm in the natural 'handshake' position to avoid forearm twisting

Roller Bar Mice - Bring the mouse and keyboard directly in-front of the user to avoid repetitive reaching for the mouse. Also promote dual handed use and a neutral hand position

Trackball Mice - Avoid unnecessary wrist movement with all cursor action controlled by the trackball

Alternative Mice - A range of mice designed ergonomically for more comfortable mouse use

Touchpad Mice - Transfers control to the fingertips to avoid excessive wrist movement 

Ergonomic Keyboards

Split Keyboards - As with vertical mice, they are designed to keep the forearm in the natural 'handshake' position

Mini Keyboards - By removing the number pad section, the mouse can be brought in closer to the keyboard - avoiding over-stretching 

Specialist Keyboards - A range of keyboards for visual impairments and single handed use

Tablet Keyboards - Bluetooth technology in-built to enable use with tablets