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Manual Mobility Chairs Give You Greater Independence

Our manual mobility chairs, manufactured by Mercado Medic, are based on a modular system with thousands of option combinations available such as trunk supports, lateral supports and side supports - offering a completely bespoke solution to any user. With features available such as an electric seat riser and electric seat tilt, the manual mobility chairs are ideal for conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy and MS to assist with transferring in and out of a chair. 

These manual mobility chairs are ideal when a user still has the ability to mobilise but requires additional help transferring in and out of the chair - or requires greater support than our ergonomic office chairs can provide. A brake lever ensures that our manual mobility chairs remains stable when getting on and off.

The BCS versions of the chair are exactly the same as the Real versions but with our own seat and back rests on. These can be made to almost any size requirement, whilst the foam can be sculpted to any shape. 

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Assessing for your manual mobility Chairs

It can be difficult to know exactly which features and supports are required on our manual mobility chairs. Therefore, we offer to visit site and assess for the full requirements of the chair. We also bring one of the chairs with us to try with the individual at the assessment - just ask us for details

Types of manual mobility chair

With weight limits up to 43 stone and various seat and back sizes available, we have a manual mobility chair to suit any size and disability - from the paediatric to bariatric markets

Our paediatric mobility chairs offer a solution from childhood to adulthood by simply fitting larger seat and back rest pads as the child grows - rather than having to buy a whole new chair

Our bariatric mobility chairs (Real 9200 & 9220) have a weight limit up to 43 stone on the electric lift version and 28 stone on the manual lift

The Real 9000 & 9100 / BCS 9000 & 9100 are for adult users up to 20.5 stone 

Contact us for an assessment today on our manual mobility chairs or our powered mobility chairs