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Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support

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Product Code: BCS821

Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support transforms ordinary chairs into comfortable and supportive seating that is more ergonomically correct. The award-winning design forms an "S"-shape that moulds to the natural shape of your back. This shape supports proper spinal alignment which helps to reduce back pain and enhance overall posture.

Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support Product Details

Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support is manufactured from an impact resistant polycarbonate structure which is covered in soft and durable polyurethane foam. This provides comfort and conforms to the natural curvature of the spine. This design has been scientifically proven to reduce pressure on your back by up to 35% and is endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

The backrest support includes a patented lumbar pad that provides additional support for the lower back by filling in the lumbar curve. This lumbar pad is both adjustable and removable to suit your postural needs.

The support can be used almost anywhere with straps that allow you to attach to most chairs, whether you are in the office, at home, in the car or on public transport. A convenient carry hand is also provided to enhance portability.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. Good sitting posture means your ears, shoulders and pelvis are kept in alignment. A back support promotes this good posture as it physically prevents you from slumping which can cause flexion stress. Back flexion can lead to discomfort and in the longer term could cause a musculoskeletal injury. With a back support in place, you should sit so that your back remains flush with the backrest as this provides the correct amount of support. Similarly, the support should not push your back forwards as this can overly accentuate the natural curvature of your spine.

If you have an ergonomic office chair, the chances are your chair will have some form of built-in back support and better still the chair will have been specifically designed to suit your body requirements. However, there may well be many instances where the place you sit has inappropriate back support, if any at all. A portable ergonomic back support is perfect for these situations as it enables you to convert your chair into something with improved postural support. Depending on the portability of the back support this can also be suitable while commuting on public transport, in your car and when flying.

If you have had an injury, a back support could help aid the rehabilitation process. The support will allow you to relax so your body can begin and maintain the healing process, free from stress and strain.

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Obusforme Lowback Backrest Support Product Details

  • Ergonomic design encourages a natural relaxed sitting position
  • Portable and suitable for most furniture with fixing strap
  • Reduces pressure on your back by up to 35%
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate structure
  • Covered in soft and durable polyurethane foam
  • Portable and lightweight

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Width (cm): 43
Depth (cm): 7.5
Height (cm): 51

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