Product Trial Terms & Conditions

Please acknowledge in writing that you have read and agree to these Terms & Conditions.

  • All requests for demonstration equipment are to be in writing.
  • The title of all goods on trial from Back Care Solutions Ltd is retained until payment is received in full.

Trial Period and Delivery

  • BCS will personally deliver and collect all larger products (Chairs and desks) via our DSE trained Driver Technicians who will train and set up the user with the equipment to ensure its suitability, except in special circumstances.
  • Where smaller items (copyholders, keyboards etc) are being trialed without the larger items (chairs and desks) these will be sent via our courier, if you need any advice regarding set up you can always call our office and we will be happy to help.
  • Product trials ar on a two week basis only.
  • Please inspect the equipment upon arrival and make sure that it is in good condition and complete. Please notify BCS on 01772 330333 if the item is damaged or shortages within 24 hours of delivery.
  • All instructions must be read carefully prior to use.


  • The customer will take full responsibility for the care of the items and are financially and legally liable for any damage to equipment or persons due to misuse occurring / during this trial period.
  • The equipment should be in the same configuration as it was when it was sent. No stickers or tags are to be affixed to or removed from the products.
  • If the equipment is lost or damaged the Company will be responsible for paying for the full value of the equipment.

What happens at the end of my 2 week Trial?

  • You must notify BCS before the end of the 2 week trial to let us know how the trial has gone. If different products or extra training is needed BCS are more than happy to help, extra charges may apply.
  • If we do not hear from you when the 2 week trial period is complete we will assume you are happy to keep the products on trial and we will send an invoice through.
  • All extensions to the 2 week trial are to be requested in writing to BCS before the trial period expires.
  • If your company needs to raise purchase orders in order to pay for goods this must be received by BCS within 5 days of the end of the 2 week trial.
  • BCS will personally collect any unwanted larger items (chairs and desks) via our DSE trained Driver Technicians, except in special circumstances. However you must notify us before the 2 week trial is over otherwise it will be assumed you are happy with the trial products and an invoice will be sent.
  • Smaller goods must be returned by the Company trialing the equipment, return freight costs are to be borne by the Company not BCS. The customer is expected to use a reputable freight carrier, to ensure that the equipment can be tracked and is carried safely. They are also expected to pack the goods safely and securely, using adequate padding and suitable boxes.
  • The customer will be responsible for replacing any goods which are damaged in transit through inadequate packaging.
  • Any unwanted goods (Large or Small) must be returned to BCS in their original packaging and in as new condition.