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Standivarius Nota UP

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The Standivarius Nota UP provides an ergonomic working posture when computer work is combined with reading documents and writing notes. This dual-purpose accessory reduces the risk of neck and back discomfort in both reading and writing mode by placing the keyboard, documents, and computer screen in the optimal position for each task.

As an in-line document slope, the Nota UP is height/angle adjustable to suit the users screen position. Documents, binders and books may be supported directly in front of the screen at a comfortable viewing distance and a transparent overlay holds frequently used reference documents in place for easy viewing.

To use as a writing slope the top of the Nota UP arcs over the keyboard to rest on the desk, offering a stable angled surface close to the user so that a comfortable neutral posture can be maintained.

The Standivarius Nota UP document holder/writing slope is made of a light, strong aluminium alloy, providing a light but sturdy 2 in 1 desktop solution. By combining two desktop accessories in one, the Nota UP offers a space-saving solution for multiple users.

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Price as configured:£109.00 (£130.80 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • incline adjustments for ideal posture during writing or reading, preventing fatigue in the neck and back
  • Intelligent space saver
  • Rubber foam for wrist protection
  • 2 in 1 document holder and writing slope
  • Lightweight & sturdy

Width (cm): 52.6
Depth (cm): 32.6
Height (cm): 11-16.5

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