Student Assessment Referrals

We work with many access centres on a nationwide basis, providing ergonomic assessments to determine the exact workstation requirements of students with all disabilities.

All of our assessments are completed on iPads which ensures all access centre target dates are met comfortably. On completion of the assessment, we forward a full report and a quotation for any recommended equipment back to the access centre.

We undertake our assessments nationally and offer to complete the assessments either at the centre, or at the student's place of study. We take equipment out with us to the assessments to try with the student - improving success rates on delivery of the final equipment. 

Process for a student referral 

1 - Send us the student referral with contact details and an address for the student 

2 - We conduct a telephone assessment with the student prior to visiting. Here we discuss the students medical conditions, height, weight and an overview of their studies. This enables us to take a couple of potentially suitable products out with us to the assessment

3 - We arrange a date and a time with the student directly for us to undertake the assessment in person 

4 - We visit site, conduct the assessment and take products out with us to try with the student

5 - Following the assessment we send a full report and a quote to the access centre for any recommended equipment

6 - Once we receive confirmation of student finance funding we personally deliver and setup all equipment 

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