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Theraputica Spinal Back Support

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Product Code: BCS8264 , BCS8265 , BCS8266

Theraputica Spinal Back Support has been designed to promote the natural contours of your spine, providing appropriate support so you can sit with good posture. Good back health is an important factor in the relief and prevention of back pain and correct posture plays a vital role in the health of your back.

Theraputica Spinal Back Support Product Details

Theraputica Spinal Back Support has been ergonomically designed to promote good posture and maintain good back health. While seated, your spine is under increased stress so it is vital you maintain proper spinal alignment so you are protected against fatigue, discomfort and back pain.

The back support has been sculpted to offer you the greatest freedom of movement for your shoulders and arms, achieved with shaping that narrows from your mid-back upwards. This ensures your arms and shoulders are free from restriction, while your back and neck remain fully supported.

A unique, but simple, fastening system allows easy fastening to any kind of seating so you can use it at home, work and when travelling.

Available in three sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. Good sitting posture means your ears, shoulders and pelvis are kept in alignment. A back support promotes this good posture as it physically prevents you from slumping which can cause flexion stress. Back flexion can lead to discomfort and in the longer term could cause a musculoskeletal injury. With a back support in place, you should sit so that your back remains flush with the backrest as this provides the correct amount of support. Similarly, the support should not push your back forwards as this can overly accentuate the natural curvature of your spine.

If you have an ergonomic office chair, the chances are your chair will have some form of built-in back support and better still the chair will have been specifically designed to suit your body requirements. However, there may well be many instances where the place you sit has inappropriate back support, if any at all. An ergonomic back support is perfect for these situations as it enables you to convert your chair into something with improved postural support. Depending on the portability of the back support this can also be suitable while commuting on public transport, in your car and when flying.

If you have had an injury, a back support could help aid the rehabilitation process. The support will allow you to relax so your body can begin and maintain the healing process, free from stress and strain.

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Price as configured:£102.00 (£122.40 inc. VAT)
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Theraputica Spinal Back Support Standard Features

  • Supports the natural ‘S-Shape’ of your back
  • Sculpted to keep arms and shoulders free to move
  • Simple fastening system allows easy fastening to any kind of seat
  • Available in 3 sizes. Measure from seat to top of shoulders for your size

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