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Ergonomic Office Chairs Offer Comfort And Support For Back Pain Relief

Sitting down for long durations in a chair which is unsuited to the task and/or individual's body type can have a significant impact on wellbeing and productivity. Our ergonomic office chairs are designed to improve posture and provide greater comfort and support to the desk based population, leading to improved employee satisfaction and productivity. We have a wide and vast range of ergonomic office chairs to suit the majority of individuals and any budget. 

Which Ergonomic Office Chair is for you?

If you don't know which model you require then we can help to ensure you are supplied with the right chair for you and your needs. If you fill out our POSE form then we can specify a chair to suit you. Alternatively, we can come out to assess you for your requirements and even bring a couple of our ergonomic office chairs with us for you to try. Try our easy to use filter on the left hand side to narrow down your search.

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The importance of having an ergonomic office chair

A high proportion of the country sit behind a desk for at least eight hours a day with very little movement or postural support. In the long term this can cause or exacerbate musculoskeletal injuries, leading to discomfort and absence from work.

Our ergonomic office chairs support the natural curvature of your spine, promoting a better posture and enhanced comfort. They also have multiple adjustment features to enable individual comfort and encourage greater movement. With multiple seat and back sizes available on the majority of our chairs we can ensure a perfect fit, as well as providing completely bespoke solutions for individuals with existing conditions such as scoliosis.

In short, by purchasing an orthopaedic chair from Back Care Solutions, comfort will be enhanced, productivity increased and absences decreased - something your standard office chair can't achieve.

Optional features on our ergonomic chairs

Another benefit of using one of our ergonomic office chairs is the wide range of options available such as memory foam, coccyx cut out and inflatable supports. The Adapt range even allow for cutting down of the seat and back rest for an even closer fit to the user. All chairs can then be supplied in any colour to match corporate requirements.

At Back Care Solutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for any user from our extensive range of chairs and features. If you are unsure what options we have for you, contact one of our experts today

Using your new chair

Purchasing a new ergonomic chair is only the start! It is vitally important that you understand how to use your new chair. If you choose our personal delivery and setup we will ensure you are setup correctly and also train you how to use and adjust the orthopaedic chair for maximum comfort and support. We will also provide you with one of our FREE sitting tips booklet to provide a long term educational resource