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Make notes in an upright posture with a writing slope

The majority of people make notes at their desk, but not many people do so ergonomically. Most people make notes flat on their desk in a hunched and awkward posture - causing large strain on the neck, shoulders and back.

Our writing slopes (writing boards) deliver an ergonomic writing position, promoting an upright posture and relieving strain on the neck, shoulder and back - simply by raising and adjusting the angle of the paperwork. We have a wide range of writing slopes in various sizes and materials to suit your needs. There are also a selection of 2-in-1 writing slopes and document holders such as the U Slope Pro, to ensure an upright posture when both writing and reading.

Why would I need a Writing Slope?

Writing slopes help to avoid the hunched and bent over posture associated with writing on desks, encouraging a correct and upright posture. This reduces pressure on the neck, back and shoulders as well as strain on the eyes by bringing the paperwork closer to the head.

Our writing slopes are available in different sizes depending on the desk space available and writing tasks required. The closer proximity between the paperwork and your head when using a writing slope, also helps to prevent eye strain and headaches.

With a writing slope, hunched postures and disc compression are removed. Instead, you can sit upright and avoid unnecessary pain resulting from writing notes.

Take note and order one of our writing slopes or writing boards today