DSE Assessments

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Our DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments are available to all customers across the UK through our network of trained DSE assessors and qualified health professionals. Our DSE assessments provide accurate, transparent and reliable advice on the behaviours and products to be considered by organisations to adhere to DSE regulations, assist with Health & Safety risk assessments and implement preventative measures - as well as assist with cases of physical and mental barriers.

At our DSE workstation assessments, our assessors always aim to utilise existing equipment first, prior to making any product recommendations. It is often the case that suitable and sufficient equipment is already in place but is not setup or being used correctly. Our DSE workstation assessments educate individuals on the correct use and setup of equipment as well as offering behavioural and product recommendations where required.

We provide a full, written report with adjustments and improvements made at the assessment and further adjustments to be considered. DSE assessments are available for any industry and work environment.

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What is a DSE Workstation Assessment?

A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment, otherwise known as a workstation assessment, is an assessment of a single or multiple working areas to identify risks and factors that could cause discomfort or injury to an individual or whole workforce through prolonged use. Workstation assessments identify areas that are not compliant to DSE regulations and make recommendations for adjustments and improvements where equipment in place is either not setup correctly or is unsuitable for the employee(s) using it. DSE workstation assessments are carried out by DSE trained staff or medically trained professionals.

Do you have multiple people that require assessments?

A pro-active and cost-effective way to ensure you are complying to DSE regulations and prevent musculoskeletal complaints occurring throughout your workforce, is to book multiple assessments at the same time. If you have the requirement for multiple assessments then please get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.