Saddle Chairs

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Saddle Chairs Encourage Active Sitting And Protect Against Back Pain Thanks To Strengthened Core Muscles And A Neutral Sitting Posture

Saddle chairs are perfect for active work environments where tasking requires unrestricted movement and frequent transitions between sitting and standing. The chairs offer support and relief and the ability to fulfil your duties without the typical restrictions a standard office chair may cause.

Saddle chairs promote the natural ‘s-curve’ of your spine and tilt the pelvis forwards so you sit upright with a strong posture. This is a solid work position that allows you to sit for long periods of time, free from fatigue and strain. Your core is engaged and strengthened over time to further support optimal, upright posture.

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What Are Saddle Chairs?

Saddle chairs are ergonomic chairs that take their design inspiration from horse riding saddles. You tend to sit a little higher in a saddle chair which tilts the pelvis forwards and opens up the knee to torso angle to approximately 135°. These chairs are specifically designed to encourage active sitting and facilitate fluid, unrestricted movement. Some saddle chairs have a split seat design that reduces pressure on the perineum and helps temperature control in the genital area.

Benefits Of Using a Saddle Chair

Saddle chairs offer you numerous ergonomic benefits that are good for your health and productivity, such as:

Improved Cardiovascular System

Saddle chairs ensure that you sit in a more upright position which allows your body to work more efficiently. This improved posture opens up your core which has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. Breathing becomes easier and circulation is improved because you are no longer hunched and placing pressure on your organs.

A saddle seating position also allows you to move and flex your legs which again facilitates good circulation. This means that oxygen and nutrients are more easily delivered around your body and waste products like carbon dioxide are removed.

The benefits of this are numerous, but to name a few:

  • Feeling more energized
  • Higher concentration levels
  • Working more efficiently
  • Greater productivity
  • Happier mood

Saddle chairs are particularly beneficial in doctors, dentists, laboratories, design studios, hairdressers and beauty salons.

Protection Against Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a symptom that can develop from regularly sitting with poor posture for prolonged periods of time. Poor posture creates tension in your lower back which can lead to spasms and pain. As your muscles tire your back can arch unnaturally and this puts excessive strain on your lower back, which is when the fatigue and pain begins.

A saddle stool will help mitigate against this happening by tilting your pelvis forward and allowing your spine to return to its natural ‘S-shape’. This natural posture provides the greatest core strength and allows your muscles to relax and recover.

Facilitates Active Working

Saddle chairs place you in a versatile, upright position, with designs that remove any restrictions to movement. Working from a saddle position means you can lean in all directions, unhindered, and to a far greater degree than with a traditional chair. The tripod shape that is formed with the chair and your two firmly placed feet provides confidence that you are working from a strong base.