Use a trackball mouse to avoid mouse gripping

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Trackball mice reduce wrist movement and avoid the need to 'grip' a traditional mouse, making them ideal for users suffering with conditions such as arthritis and ulnar claw. Reducing the effort and strain involved in moving and using a traditional mouse, our trackball mice provide greater comfort to both prevent and manage musculoskeltal injuries. Wired and wireless versions are available for both fixed and mobile workers.

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Our range of trackball mice

Our range of trackball mice are extremely comfortable to use, with large and responsive trackballs to control cursor movement. This avoids movement of the mouse to control the cursor which in turn reduces strain on the wrist and helps prevent repetitive strain. They also enable a flat hand position to control the mouse which avoids gripping.

Our range of trackball mice are from two of the leaders of input device manufacturing - Logitech and Kensington with both wired and wireless models to offer an excellent ergonomic mouse option to a range of users.

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