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Sit upright when referencing paperwork with a document holder

The majority of us place paperwork flat on the desk when we read it, which causes a downward viewing angle and twisting of the neck muscles. Referencing from paperwork in this way also forces a hunched posture which places strain on the spine and surrounding muscles. Document holders (copy holders) help to reduce this twisting and bending of the neck by raising the paperwork off the desk to a more ergonomic angle.

A document holder (sometimes referred to as a copyholder) allows you to read paperwork comfortably and in an upright position - maintaining a correct posture. We have a vast range of document holders to suit each individual and their workstation, from in-line document holders such as the Flex Desk to ones which attach to the monitor.

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Types of Document Holders

Inline - Inline document holders are positioned between the keyboard and the monitor, which avoids any un-necessary neck twisting. The majority of these copyholders are angle adjustable so that the paperwork can be positioned at a comfortable viewing level. There are many inline document holders that combine as a writing slope for a 2-in-1 solution, to provide comfort and posture when writing also.

Freestanding copy holders - These are ideal when desk space directly in front of the user is limited. Positioned anywhere on the desk at a comfortable viewing height, these offer a good alternative when an inline document holder isn't possible. 

Attached to monitor - This type of document holder are a ideal for touch-typists as the user can keep their head in a constant upright position. By attaching to the monitor, these document holders also free desk space.

Positioning your document holder

Touch typists should consider a copyholder positioned next to and at the same height as their monitor screen. For non-touch typists, an inline copy holder positioned between their keyboard and monitor (such as the Clear Slope Pro) is ideal.

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