Ergonomic Bariatric Chairs

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Ergonomic Bariatric Chairs Are Heavy Duty Office Chairs That Provide You With The Greatest Support And Comfort So You Can Work Your Best

Ergonomic bariatric chairs are designed to offer maximum support and comfort for larger users, providing the confidence needed to work without distraction. Like all ergonomic office chairs, bariatric chairs improve posture and allow for greater movement, but with a significant upgrading of the specifications to allow for heavy-duty use.

Our bariatric chairs are strong and robust and offer a heavy-duty solution for use in any environment. These chairs enable users of all shapes and sizes to continue to work with improved comfort and wellbeing.

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What Are Ergonomic Bariatric Chairs?

A bariatric chair is an ergonomic office chair that has upgraded specifications, strengthened construction and greater padding to allow for larger users. Our ergonomic bariatric office chairs are rated up to a weight limit of 43 stone, depending on the model chosen, which means users can work in confidence, protected against strain and injury.

Why Would You Want An Ergonomic Bariatric Chair?

Ergonomic bariatric chairs enable larger users to sit with good posture and gain the health, wellbeing and productivity benefits of using an ergonomic chair. They provide the appropriate support users require to move optimally and work at their best when fulfilling tasks, especially when workdays are long.

Why Purchase An Ergonomic Bariatric Chair?

An ergonomic bariatric chair is a valuable, if not essential investment, if you or an employee require extra room and enhanced support to go about the workday safely, without distraction. Inappropriate or poorly designed chairs can cause health and wellbeing problems or exacerbate existing conditions due to the stress they put upon the body. Worse still, a chair that is not correctly specified may well prove to be a danger to use, as it will just not be up to the job.

What Are The Benefits Of Ergonomic Bariatric Office Chairs?

Below are some of the main benefits of buying an ergonomic bariatric office chair:

  • Ensures the whole workforce can contribute effectively
  • Ensures correct posture
  • Relieves pressure on the body
  • Helps prevent health issues from occurring or exacerbating existing ones
  • Contributes toward the reduction of absenteeism
  • Helps businesses save on the costs associated with staff health problems

Choosing A Bariatric Chair?

You will not find a better range of ergonomic heavy-duty chairs on the market than the ones found at Back Care Solutions. Models include Opera 50, Adapt 700, Bodybilt 2503, Score Maxx Line and Real 9220. Each ergonomic bariatric chair is built with the same fundamental principle of providing enhanced support and promoting good posture to a wide range of users. With such a wide range of heavy-duty chairs available, it can be difficult to know which one will suit you. We stock the majority of our bariatric chairs and can bring a couple of different options out for you to try to ensure suitability.