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Ergonomic Bariatric Chairs Offer Comfort And Support For Larger Users

We have a vast range of bariatric chairs with varying weight limits. Strong and robust in performance, they are designed to offer maximum support whilst offering a heavy duty solution in any environment.

You won't find a better range of ergonomic heavy duty chairs on the market - from the Adapt 700 with full adjustability and the Bodybilt which provides fantastic comfort, to the Real 9220 with an electric lift and weight limit of 43 stone. Each ergonomic bariatric chair is built with the same fundamental principle of providing greater comfort, support and promoting posture to a wide range of users. 

Trialling our ergonomic bariatric chairs

With such a wide range of heavy duty chairs available, it can be difficult to know which one will suit you. We stock the majority of our bariatric chairs and can bring a couple of different options out for you to try. Alternatively, use our filter on the left to narrow down your options

The benefits of our bariatric chairs

With our ergonomic bariatric chairs we provide complete comfort and support to the larger user, whilst improving posture and promoting greater movement. Standard office chairs don't tend to have the materials or weight limit sufficient for the bariatric market. Therefore, without our bariatric chairs, heavier users would be sat on completely unsuitable chairs, putting health at risk and leading to absenteeism. Our bariatric chairs enable users of all shapes and sizes to continue in work, not only improving comfort but wellbeing as a whole