Monitor Stands Position Your Monitor Correctly

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If your monitor is further than arm's length away, it encourages you to lean forward, causing a hunched posture. This can put strain on your back, neck and shoulders. Alternatively, if the monitor is too close it can cause strain on the eyes. A monitor stand enables you to position your monitor ergonomically so you can avoid these health issues.

Your monitor should be positioned so the top of the screen is at eye-level, otherwise, your posture will be compromised. If your monitor is too low or too high, unnecessary strain will be placed on your neck and back. This will lead to discomfort, fatigue and eventually a musculoskeletal injury.

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Types Of Monitor Stands

Monitor Stands - Our monitor stands offer a quick and simple monitor riser solution. All you need to do is place the monitor stand in the correct ergonomic position on your workstation and then place your monitor on top. Our monitor riser blocks are modular, so you can create your perfect monitor height.

Monitor Stand With Copyholder - We have a range of monitor stands that combine a monitor riser with a copyholder. The Addit Monitor Riser allows you to adjust the height of your monitor and paperwork simultaneously.