Industrial Chairs

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Industrial Chairs Ensure Ergonomic Benefits Extend Beyond Office Spaces Into A Broad Range Of Work Environments

We normally associate ergonomic chairs with office-based working, but that is only one section of the workforce that can benefit from using ergonomic chairs. People working in industrial, educational, scientific, security and a wide range of other environments can also benefit from using ergonomic chairs.

Workers from all sectors who spend a large part of their day sitting down are all at risk of developing musculoskeletal conditions from prolonged sitting in inadequate seating and poor posture. Ergonomic Industrial chairs could make all the difference and ensure staff are healthy, energised and focused.

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What Are Industrial Chairs?

Industrial chairs are multi-purpose, ergonomic chairs designed for use in a wide range of environments such as warehouses and factories. Draughtsman-style chairs fall into this category, which allows users to work at taller worksurfaces.

Our industrial chairs have multiple features specifically designed for improved comfort and support and can be tailored with features such as anti-static and antibacterial fabric to suit any industrial environment.

Why Buy An Industrial Chair?

In environments such as factories and warehouses, posture is traditionally quite poor and the quality of chairs provided do little to alleviate this issue. This results in staff not being as happy and productive as they could be with the risk of absenteeism. This is obviously bad for the staff member but also disrupts work and ultimately costs the business money.

It is often the case that support and comfort are often secondary considerations to features like cleanability and anti-static fabric. However, with our industrial chairs, these features are provided as well as good ergonomics, with comfort and support that is appropriate for good posture.

Industrial Chair Features

Our industrial chairs have various features ideally suited to industrial environments. They have seat height adjustment to suit a variety of workstations and can also be supplied with a footring. The chairs can also be supplied with a range of castors and glides depending on the floor surface and stability requirements.

Our chairs can also be configured to have wipeable fabric and anti-static specifications, making them suitable for those environments that need these features such as medical and food production.