Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments

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Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments Are More In-Depth Than DSE Assessments And Are Intended For People With More Complex Needs

Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments aim to improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of users with more specialist needs. Our internal assessors are fully trained DSE assessors and carry out many of the assessments. However, there are times when an external, medical professional or ergonomist will be required.

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What Are Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments?

Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments are face-to-face assessments that evaluate more complex issues that would not be covered in a DSE assessment. There may of course be some overlap with what a DSE assessment may cover, but specialist assessments require deeper understanding in order to present the best possible outcomes for the individual.

Who Completes A Specialist Computer Workstation Assessment?

Specialist Computer Workstation Assessments are looked at on a case-by-case basis and where appropriate will involve one of our external health professionals or ergonomists.

Why Buy A Specialist Computer Workstation Assessment?

A specialist workstation assessment is necessary to help individuals with needs that are beyond the scope of what would be covered by a DSE assessment. The assessment will address any risks identified and considers every part of the user's working life, including all environmental aspects. There is no physical examination conducted at the assessment, however, medical conditions will be discussed and measurements will be taken, along with photographs for visual documentation.

Following the assessment, a report will be provided focusing on the reason given for the assessment. The report will include a description of the workstation, the user’s working posture, changes made during the appointment and any further recommendations that would help the user’s wellbeing and productivity.