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Ergonomic Sit Stand Chairs Offer Support For Active Working

Sit Stand chairs are perfect for active work environments where tasking requires fluid movement and standing for long periods of time. The chairs facilitate perched sitting, offering support and relief without hindering work routines. Active working and good posture is encouraged with core muscles engaged and transitions between sitting and standing made easy. Workplaces like production lines, catering, retail, healthcare, laboratories, studios may all find this style of standing chair beneficial.

What Is A Sit Stand Chair?

Sit stand chairs, or standing chairs, have a form that is generally taller and more slight than standard chairs. These chairs are specifically designed to encourage active sitting and facilitate fluid movement, without cluttering up the workplace.

Benefits Of Using a Sit Stand Chair

Sit Stand chairs present numerous ergonomic benefits for workplaces and their users. Some of these benefits are practical and some are more health-related.

Improved Cardiovascular System

Sit stand chairs encourage a more perched posture which allows you to perform more efficiently. This upright position opens up your core, positively affecting your cardiovascular system. Breathing becomes easier and circulation is improved because your organs are no longer contracted. A perched seating position also allows you to move and flex your legs which again facilitates good circulation. This means that oxygen and nutrients are more easily delivered around your body and waste products, like carbon dioxide, are more readily removed. The benefits of this are numerous, and to name a few:

  • Feeling more energized
  • Higher concentration levels
  • Working more efficiently
  • Greater productivity
  • Happier mood

Avoiding Transition Injuries

Sit stand chairs are particularly beneficial in workplaces where standing for long periods of time and regular transitioning between sitting and standing are normal. A standard chair in these environments, aside from being impractical, places unnecessary stress on your body as you transition. At very least this can result in fatigue, if not long-term musculoskeletal injuries. A stand up chair, however, will protect against this due to the stress reduction that comes with perched sitting.

Protection Against Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a symptom that can develop from standing for extended periods of time. When standing, there is an increased amount of tension in the lower back which can lead to spasms and pain. As your muscles tire, your back can arch unnaturally and this puts excessive strain on your lower back. Perching on a sit stand chair tilts the pelvis forwards, allowing the spine to return to it’s natural ‘S-shape’. This natural posture provides the greatest core strength and allows your muscles to relax and recover.

Facilitates Active Working

Sit Stand chairs facilitate a heightened range of movement, in the 3D space around you, as you sit. Working from a perched position means you can lean forwards, backwards and to the sides, unhindered, and to a far greater degree than with a traditional chair. Some sit stand chairs even follow you as you lean, enhancing your extension and movement.

Strengthening Of Core Muscles

Using a sit stand chair is an active experience and one that requires you to engage your core muscles in order to sit with good posture. As you perch, you subconsciously flex and relax your muscles to maintain a healthy upright position. This subtle workout helps you to develop and maintain great core muscle strength without experiencing fatigue.