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Stand up chairs to alternate between sitting and standing comfortably

Sit-stand chairs for increased movement

Our sit-stand chairs (stand-up chairs) provide relief to the muscles and limbs when standing for long durations. They promote a perched position for improved posture and work in perfect combination with a sit-stand desk. Stand up chairs encourage regular alternating between sitting and standing positions to encourage movement and greater blood flow. Using a sit-stand chair also removes the strain from regularly transferring from a standard office chair to a standing position. 

What is a sit-stand (stand-up) chair?

A sit-stand chair is an ergonomic stool which makes alternating regularly from sitting to standing easier. These height adjustable stools promote a higher perching position which engages the core muscles for improved posture.

Who would need a sit-stand chair?

Many industries encourage standing regularly including receptionists, factory assembly workers and retail staff. Sitting has been proven to be bad for posture and cause muscular injuries, but standing for long periods also places pressure on the limbs, increasing muscular fatigue and varicose veins. Anyone that stands for long durations at work will benefit from a stand-up chair by providing relief.

Sit-stand Chair Benefits

Sit-stand chairs (stand up chairs) are ideal for working environments which involve standing up for large portions of the day or for active workers that regularly alternate from a sitting to standing position. The height adjustments on the chairs makes them perfect for using at higher workstations such as bank and supermarket counters.

Our range of sit-stand chairs make transferring from sitting to standing easy - reducing the muscular effort and strain that can be felt from regularly standing up from a standard office chair.They enable individuals to alternate from a sitting to standing position quickly and comfortably which avoids the need to stand for long periods. Standing for long periods can cause fatigue which in turn reduces productivity and increases discomfort - our sit-stand chairs therefore improve the general well being of workers, whilst helping to increase productivity.

Sit-stand chairs with sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks encourage the sitting position to be alternated from sitting to standing regularly. Our sit-stand chairs are the perfect add-on to a sit-stand desk by easing the transition from sitting to standing. Stand-up chairs create a perched position which acts as a half-standing position for improved posture.

If you stand on your feet for most of the day and require relief, then order a sit-stand chair today