Wireless Keyboards

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Keyboards are an essential part of your workstation setup and Microsoft research shows that an active computer user covers 32km daily with their fingers. This makes choosing the right keyboard vital for you to work comfortably and avoid injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Wireless keyboards exist across our entire range of ergonomic keyboards and provide the extra convenience you may need for comfort, wellbeing and productivity. If you work in a remote, hybrid or agile fashion a wireless keyboard makes complete sense to give you the freedom to work at your best.

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What Are Wireless Keyboards?

Wireless keyboards exist within our larger range of ergonomic keyboards and give you the convenience and flexibility of cable-free typing, typically via Bluetooth or a USB dongle.

Why Buy A Wireless Keyboard?

Prolonged typing can be strenuous and lead to discomfort and injury if an ergonomic keyboard is not utilised. Our range of wireless keyboards gives you all the ergonomic features of wired keyboards but with the added advantage of eliminating the cables. This means no more messy cables and restricted movement, meaning your desk will be free of clutter while you work with greater comfort and productivity.

For people who work in a hybrid or agile fashion, wireless keyboards, especially compact ones, present the best option to allow you to work ergonomically while on-the-go.

Wireless Keyboard Features

Wireless keyboards exist across our entire range of ergonomic keyboards, making their feature set very extensive. Depending on the model chosen, those features include:

  • Ergonomic designs ensure protection, comfort and productivity
  • Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Compact design avoids overreaching
  • Split design creates natural posture
  • Ergonomically shaped design promotes good posture
  • Numeric keypad
  • Soft touch keys
  • Responsive keys
  • Quiet keys
  • Full-sized high-definition keys
  • Hotkeys provide convenient functionality
  • Portability
  • Built-in USB posts
  • Rechargeable
  • PC, Mac and mobile device compatible
  • Plug and play