Assistive Technology

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Assistive Technology Is Designed To Help Individuals With Neurological And Sensual Disabilities Work In Comfort With More Capability

Assistive Technology is available to assist the many people affected by neurological and sensual disorders such as dyslexia, visual impairments and hearing loss. We supply a wide range of software and hardware to assist people with everyday tasks to help boost productivity and wellbeing at work.

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Dragon Professional
Dragon Professional
£566.66 ex. VAT
TextHelp Read&Write
TextHelp Read&Write
£165.00 ex. VAT
£60.00 ex. VAT
£415.00 ex. VAT
£425.00 ex. VAT
Coloured Page Overlays
Coloured Page Overlays
£7.50 ex. VAT
Ruby HD Magnifier
Ruby HD Magnifier
£380.00 ex. VAT
Bar Magnifier
Bar Magnifier
£32.00 ex. VAT
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What Is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is software and hardware that has been developed to help people affected by neurological and sensual disorders work in comfort and achieve their best.

Our range of assistive software and hardware helps people with a broad range of requirements. These include:

  • Screen readers and magnifiers to help with visual impairment
  • Software that helps with literacy
  • Speech recognition software that does the writing for you
  • Screen filters to help reading
  • Magnifiers that enlarge text for reading
  • Note-taking equipment so you never forget or miss a word

Why Buy Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is available to help users with impairments and disabilities carry out work tasks comfortably and productively. People who suffer from conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, visual impairments, hearing problems and physical disabilities will find these products beneficial. However, some products listed here are appropriate for anyone who wants to achieve and perform their best.

Assistive Technology Features

Our Assistive Technology covers a range of areas and depending on the product chosen the features include:

  • Speech recognition converts spoken words to text
  • Literacy support to assist users of all ages
  • Advanced screen magnification that enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen
  • Webcam magnifies printed items and other objects onto the computer screen
  • Enhanced web page search
  • Turn text from documents, webpages and emails into audio recordings
  • Create interactive maps, diagrams, webs and other graphical representations of ideas
  • Reads aloud practically any text in a human voice, providing enhanced proofreading of documents and emails
  • Visual tools such as colour, highlight and focus on text as it is spoken by the computer
  • Customisable magnification with choices of split screen, whole screen, lens and window options
  • Range of magnification from 2x to 60x
  • 7 magnifier views and options to change colour and thickness of magnifier view border
  • Magnifier capable of speech output
  • Coloured screen overlays in 10+ colours to help reading
  • Create content with writing or audio
  • Record everything you write and hear so that you never miss a word
  • Convert handwritten notes into text files
  • Transcription in 27+ languages
  • Milestone-marker, to record every detail with up to 200 index marks
  • Supporter of blind touch use, with advanced voice guidance and distinctive button contours
  • 4.3-inch LCD
  • Continuous zoom with 2x–13x magnification
  • Freeze frame with adjustable magnification
  • Adjustable reading line and masks to keep your place
  • 20 high-contrast colour viewing modes
  • 1.8x magnification for strain-free reading over prolonged periods
  • Magnify in only one direction so letters appear taller, whilst breadth remains the same