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Laptop Kits - A full ergonomic setup for use with your laptop

Our laptop kits provide a fully ergonomic workstation for use with your laptop. They contain a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse which when combined with your laptop, promotes a neutral, comfortable and upright posture - helping to both alleviate and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. We have produced laptop packages with a combination of our bestselling products below. Alternatively, choose the Build your own Bundle option to create your own laptop kit.

Why purchase a laptop kit?

Laptops have changed the way we work. Individuals are no longer restricted to working purely at their desk and are now working at home, on the train and in internet cafe's - in fact anywhere they like! Despite bringing flexibility and convenience to working, laptops have also brought poor posture with them. They require close proximity to the body and a downward viewing angle which can lead to musculoskeletal problems.

Our laptop kits include a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse which when assembled, position the laptop at the correct viewing distance and at a height which enables an upright posture. This provides superior comfort compared to using a laptop alone. 

The majority of our laptop kits are also portable, allowing individuals to setup an ergonomic workstation wherever they are, whilst our seperate laptop bags ensure complete comfort when carrying.

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