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Agile Working Benefits »

Agile Working represents a shift in how businesses are structuring themselves and how they are choosing to perform. This evolution is fuelled by business needs and shifting societal attitudes and is facilitated by advances in technology. However, unlike Flexible working which tends to be centred around the employee, Agile working is centred around the employer whose strategy is to improve overall business performance and drive down costs.

Laptop Stand Ergonomics | Laptop Stands »

Using a laptop flat on the desk without a laptop stand, causes the screen to be positioned too low which can cause strain on the neck, shoulder and lower back through a hunched posture.

Monitor Arms | Monitor Risers »

Monitor arms have multiple adjustments in height, length, angle and lateral positioning, ensuring that the recommended viewing position is possible for any user.

Ergonomic Mouse – Evoluent Mouse »

There are thousands of computer mice available in all shapes, sizes and types from portable ones, to trackball and even touch pad mice since the production of the laptop, but what is an ergonomic mouse?

Standing Desks & Hot desking »

Standing desks promote greater blood flow around the body and stretch the muscles in your back – reducing compression on discs.

Sit Stand Desks | Sit-to-Stand »

Sit stand desks come in a range of different types and designs with the most popular being the electrically height adjustable sit stand desks.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome »

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be exacerbated and triggered by the use of traditional mice and keyboards which cause twisting of the tendons in the forearm which link to the Carpal Tunnel.