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Ergonomic Workplace Lighting Improves Your Mood And Productivity

Lighting is a significant environmental factor in the workplace as it directly impacts health and safety. A workstation with poor lighting can significantly affect your performance, plus, the wrong colour temperature can affect your mood, emotions and mental health. That is why you need to improve the lighting ergonomics in your workplace to maintain a healthy work environment, boost productivity and above all, stay safe.

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Daylight Desk lamp
Daylight Desk lamp
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Why Is Ergonomic Lighting Important In The Workplace?

The circadian rhythm is the human’s biological rhythm. It comprises 24 hours roughly split between 16 hours wakefulness and 8 hours sleep and can therefore also be called the sleep-wake cycle. This rhythm is influenced directly by daylight. With conventional artificial lighting, this regular stimulation by light is missing and our body’s release of hormones can become confused. This can affect our ability to perform as well as our mental health. So, it is important that lighting ergonomics are considered to mitigate these negative environmental factors.

Natural lighting recreates the colour temperature and brightness of natural daylight found throughout the course of a day, controlling the so-called circadian rhythm. Thus, ensuring a balanced day-night rhythm for humans. Even seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is counteracted with natural lighting, providing us with the light we miss during the darker winter months.