Support belts to correct and maintain posture

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Our back support belts are designed to improve posture and offer greater support to help prevent and manage lower back pain caused by weak core muscles and overuse of the back muscles. Our back support belts are ideal for manual handling roles or as extra support and protection against spinal and muscular injuries. They are available in a range of sizes to suit most individuals.

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What are the benefits of a back support belt?

Our back support belts provide compressive support and stability to the mid and lower back whilst also stabilising the hips and pelvis without compromising on movement. 

By helping to reduce force on the spine during forceful exertions on the back and restricting bending motions, our back support belts help to prevent injury through overuse of the back muscles during both work and excercise. 

Correcting Shoulder Support

Our correcting shoulder supports help to retrain poor posture and correct round shoulders. This in turn will relieve pressure on the base of the spine and prevent and manage musculoskeletal injuries. The correcting shoulder supports are available in a range of sizes to fit a wide range of users. 

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