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Tablet Stands Help Improve Ergonomics

iPads and tablets are commonplace in most offices and organisations across the country for both internal staff and external visitors. Similarly to laptops, they have not been designed ergonomically due to the close hand-held proximity they require and poor, hunched posture they encourage.

We supply a wide range of iPad stands and universal tablet stands to provide an ergonomic solution to iPad and tablet use. With various features available such as height adjustment, tilt and full 360 degree rotation, full accessibility and use of the tablet is retained.

Once you have found an iPad or tablet stand to suit your requirements, check out our tablet keyboards for even greater comfort.

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Why an iPad stand or tablet stand?

Tablets positioned flat on the desk cause a hunched posture. Our tablet stands raise the tablet to a comfortable viewing angle to enable an upright posture. Simply position the iPad & tablet stand next to your computer and easily and seamlessly switch between computer tasks and your tablet to increase productivity. iPad and tablet stands are also ideal for conference calls to avoid hand-held us.

The iPad and tablet stand range

Our iPad and tablet stands range from on desk stands such as the Arrow Tablet stand, to fully adjustable iPad and tablet arms which clamp to the desk i.e. ViewLite Plus Universal Tablet Holder. We have a tablet stand designed to fit any iPad and almost any tablet stand - to ensure your iPad or tablet will fit, check the compatibility filter on the left hand side or contact us

For complete comfort and posture support using your tablet - order an iPad and tablet stand today!