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Home Office Desks And Desk Converters Encourage Good Posture And Greater Wellbeing While Working From Home

Working ergonomically should be no less of a priority if you are working from home rather than at an office. Of course, you may be permanently home-based, which means that your home is your office. However, choosing furniture for your home may have different considerations than for an office, other than the basics of providing a good worksurface. These considerations may include budget, aesthetics, convenience of use and space limitations. Our range of home office desks has been chosen to take into account these considerations.

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What Is A Home Office Desk Or Desk Converter?

Home Office Desks and Desk Converters form a range of furniture we have chosen as appropriate for use in a home office or in any area of your home you can designate for home working. These desks and converters provide a significant upgrade to working at your kitchen table, or on your couch and in some cases can be folded away once your work day has finished.

Why Buy A Home Office Desk Or Desk Converter?

Working from home has many advantages, but does present some issues you may need to consider in order to achieve your best physical and mental wellbeing. The ability to create boundaries and work-life balance is key to mental wellbeing and your ability to perform at your best. For this reason, it may not be the best idea, or practical, to work on your kitchen table, couch or bed even, unless you absolutely have to.

A home office desk, or converter, will allow you to create a designated space from which you can work and locate all your equipment and paperwork. This ensures you have an area that is ready to go so you can perform daily and it creates the invisible boundary you need for work-life balance. Plus, it stops your work from sprawling into your domestic spaces which could lead to problems and if nothing else look untidy.

Most of our desks and all of our converters have the capacity to be standing workstations. Standing workstations encourage alternation between sitting and standing as you go about your daily work routines. This fluidity stimulates blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body. This not only means that fatigue and muscle soreness are minimised but work capability is boosted with greater focus and productivity.

Home Office Desk & Desk Converter Features

Our Home Office Desks and Desk Converters go beyond what a simple work surface can be and allow you to work comfortably and productively with designs that will complement your home. Typical features, depending on the product chosen, include:

  • Helps create a designated office space in your home
  • Convenience of foldability allows for a dynamic office space
  • Electric, gas assisted and manual operation
  • Wheelsets available for Freedom, Freedom Plus & Conset 501-19 desks enable movability
  • Converters conveniently transform your existing surface into a standing desk
  • Enables the use by multiple people of differing size
  • Allows you to gain the benefits of sit stand working
  • Various frame finishes available to suit your space
  • Various desktop finishes available to provide style options
  • Multiple desktop size and shape options