Standing Desk Converters

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Standing Desk Converters Conveniently Transform Your Standard Desk Or Worksurface Into A Standing Desk

Standing Desk Converters are a quick and cost-effective way of converting your existing office desk or work surface into a standing desk. Standing desks encourage you to alternate your working position and allow you to work standing up, offering many wellbeing and productivity benefits.

Standing Desk Converters work straight out of the box with no set-up required, so incorporating a standing desk into your workspace could not be easier.


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Why Use A Standing Desk Converter?

Modern lifestyles have become extremely sedentary. The daily commute, the office desk, mealtimes, unwinding in front of the television and so on... All of these things add up to a huge amount of time sat down, which is bad for your physical and mental health.

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. A Standing Desk Converter could be a significant, yet cost-effective and simple addition to your desk or work surface.

Standing Workstations encourage alternation between sitting and standing as you go about your daily work routines. This fluidity stimulates blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body. This not only means that fatigue and muscle soreness are minimised but work capability is boosted with greater focus and productivity.

People who have existing back conditions typically find standing desks beneficial. Standing at your workstation helps to elongate the spinal column which is good for posture and reduces strain on the spine and back muscles. Standing at your workstation will also help prevent musculoskeletal health conditions developing in the first place.

The following are some of the benefits of sit stand working:

  • Reduced strain on your spinal column and surrounding muscles
  • Minimisation of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Body organs are able to function optimally
  • Healing processes occur normally
  • Typical skin colour and lustre
  • Good body temperature is retained around the whole-body, including extremities
  • Metabolic rate gets a boost which burns calories and helps manage body weight
  • Ability to concentrate on work and perform is improved

What Else Can You Do?

Aside from using a standing desk, there are, however, ways that you can combat a sedentary lifestyle. Consider the following simple and achievable measures to help improve your health and wellbeing while at work.

Take Periodic Breaks From Your Workstation

A short break from your desk combined with a walk will reinvigorate you physically and mentally. This will allow you to reset so you can start working afresh.

Drink Plenty Of Water

When you’re working hard it’s easy to forget to rehydrate, which brings all sorts of wellbeing issues, not least headaches, lethargy and lack of focus. Approximately 2 litres of fluid is a recommended daily amount and this includes soft drinks, tea and coffee and fluid derived from food.

Eat Lunch Away From Your Workstation

It’s very tempting to eat your lunch at your desk, especially if there isn’t an obvious place to take your break. However, it’s important to treat this as quality time away from your work. It will allow you to eat and digest your food properly, socialise with colleagues and switch off from work. And if your lunch is a healthier option, then all the better.

Grab Some Exercise

During lunch, or on one of your breaks, is a great time to do some exercises and stretches. Light exercise will burn calories, get the blood and oxygen flowing and allow you to de-stress. This will allow you to start the next part of your shift refreshed.