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Ergonomic Writing Aids And Devices To Help Fulfil Work Tasks

Our range of ergonomic writing aids and devices cover even the smallest of tasks to make everyday work life easier and more comfortable. Products include ergonomic pens and electric staplers which are ideal for individuals with conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. 

Helping to avoid pressure and pain from using standard stationery, our ergonomic accessories provide a greater level of comfort for individuals with existing musculoskeletal injuries.

Types Of Desktop Accessories

Our writing aids are designed to make pen use more comfortable, helping prevent writer's cramp and reduce the effort required to hold a pen.

We have a range of electric stationery such as the Rexel Stapler/Punch Combo to reduce the muscular effort required to undertake everyday tasks. 

We also supply desktop accessories to organise desk space such as the Telephone Arm Support.