Conference Chairs

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Conference Chairs Provide Comfort For Conference Venues And Meeting Rooms, With Ergonomics That Will Keep Users Energised And Focussed

The importance of conference chairs could be easily overlooked, but choosing the right chairs for your meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference venues could make all the difference to the quality of the session. Ergonomic meeting chairs are designed to promote good posture and keep people moving. This will help to keep people comfortable, energised and focused, which is especially important when the days are long.

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What Are Conference Chairs?

Conference chairs are ergonomic chairs that have been specifically designed for use at conferences, in meetings and in other areas like boardrooms and waiting areas. They are typically portable, lightweight, stackable and easy to move around, making setting up for events and storage effortless.

Our range is available in a variety of customisable features, colours and finishes so you can be sure your furniture is appropriate, on-brand and creating the right impression.

Why Use Ergonomic Conference Chairs?

Simply put, ergonomic conference chairs are a sure way to keep your employees, clients and visitors engaged. It is often the case that events and meetings last for long periods of time, so if you want to get the best out of the people during these sessions, you must ensure they are comfortable and free from distraction. Our ergonomic conference chairs can help with this.

Comfortable seating promotes concentration, engagement and wellbeing, making our conference chairs ideal for use where sitting for longer periods of time may be required by a diverse range of people.

What Are The Benefits Of Conference Chairs?

There are numerous benefits for using ergonomic conference chairs, some of which are shown below:

Comfort And Support

Ergonomic conference chairs are designed to provide optimum comfort and support for attendees, visitors and delegates. The chairs are shaped and specified to suit a broad range of users to keep them happy and healthy.

Concentration And Alertness

Ergonomic conference chairs encourage active sitting which means you are regularly moving and changing seating positions which keeps the blood and oxygen flowing around your body. This ensures you are able to focus and stay productive for longer periods of time.

Brand Extension

Providing good quality furniture is an excellent way to create a statement about your brand, beyond a sleek-looking chair upholstered in your corporate colours. A quality chair says you care about the wellbeing of the people that use the chair.

Value For Money

A good quality ergonomic chair will stand the test of time. Good looks and functionality will continue way beyond where cheaper, more standard chairs fail. This makes them an efficient, worthwhile investment.

Where Can Conference Chairs Be Used?

Conference chairs are suitable for a wide range of situations and are typically designed to suit as broad a range of users as possible. Some typical usages are as follows:

Conferences And Events

Within our range of conference chairs, we have a number that are ideal for conferences and events thanks to being stackable, lightweight and easy to store.

Boardrooms And Meeting Rooms

We have conference chairs to suit boardrooms and meeting areas so attendees can enjoy comfort and concentrate on the meeting. Options range from budget-friendly designs through to more luxurious chairs that would complement more exclusive settings.

Receptions And Waiting Rooms

Our conference chairs will make your reception and waiting area comfortable for your visitors and clients while the wait. These chairs are sleek and contemporary and can be configured to match your business branding, so you are creating the right impression.


Ergonomic conference chairs are ideal in classroom environments, whether that is for a school, college or university. These chairs provide appropriate support so you avoid fatigue and strain as well as promotion movement which is key to staying alert and focussed.


We have a range of conference chairs that are free from upholstery which makes them ideal for food areas as they are easy to keep clean. This coupled with robust construction and modern aesthetics makes these chairs ideal for use in cafes and other eating venues.