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Conference Chairs - ergonomic chairs for you and your visitors

Our conference chairs ensure comfort and support for both you and your visitors. Manufactured by HAG, one of the leading manufacturers on the market, the chairs encourge movement to ensure your visitors feel fully alert and comfortable. 

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Why purchase our ergonomic conference chairs?

Clients regularly advise us that they don't feel comfortable in meeting chairs, either on their own premises or elsewhere. By providing a well-designed conference chair, it significantly improves comfort and ensures that attention is held for longer during conferences or meeting.

As an extenion of your brand, our conference chairs also have a 10 year guarantee, so you can be assured that you are promoting quality. We are also able to provide them in a variety of colours to fit in with your corporate scheme.

Ways to use our visitor chairs 

Conference & Meeting Chairs - ensure all attendees to a conference or meeting feel comfortable and alert by providing them with a comfortable chair

Reception Chairs - The reception is the first impression of your building to a visitor. Add some style and comfort to the reception room by adding one of our visitor chairs

Lectures and Theatre Chairs - If you want people to enjoy a performance or listen to a lecture, one of the simplest ways is to provide them with a comfortable chair - It will ensure they remain awake!