Our range of alternative ergonomic mice

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Despite many of us using a computer mouse all day and every day both at home and at work, the majority of people continue to use a basic mouse which has not been designed ergonomically. These traditional computer mice can cause pain and discomfort from long-term use, due to the unnatural position they force the wrist and arm into and repetitive movements that they encourage. Our range of alternative ergonomic mice look more like a standard mouse but offer a more comfortable and ergonomic posture. 

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Ergonomic Mice Range

Our alternative ergonomic mice range offers a variety of shapes, designs and functions to suit a wide range of user requirements. With wireless mice for portable users and contoured designs for a more comfortable fit to the user's hand, we have an ergonomic mouse for anyone!

We also have many other ergonomic mice within our vertical mouse, roller bar mice and trackball mice to assist with various musculoskeletal injuries such as RSI, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Order one of our alternative ergonomic mice today!