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Keep your legs rested and supported with a leg rest

Our leg rests are designed to elevate either one or both legs to improve circulation and offer greater support to the knees and leg. Particularly useful with recovery from injury or surgery and for sufferers of arthritis, our leg rests are adjustable to different height and angle settings. By supporting the calf, leg rests take the pressure off the thigh and keep legs straight to increase comfort for long periods of sitting. 

Benefits of Leg Rests

Individuals with arthritis or injury to their knees and legs are often unable to bend their knee which can prove difficult to avoid in an office chair. By introducing a leg rest, the leg can remain straight and elevated to provide comfort and assist recovery. 

Leg rests also improve circulation by reducing the effort required to pump blood back up the leg, making a leg rest ideal for someone with circulatory conditions such as thrombosis. 

Our leg rests work in perfect combination with our beamless standing desks, as there are no restrictions with under-desk space. With single and double width sizes available, they meet a wide range of user requirements. 

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