Ergonomic Contract Chairs

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Ergonomic Contract Chairs Are Designed To Provide Comfort And Good Posture For A Broad Range Of Users

Ergonomic Contract Chairs are an appropriate ergonomic upgrade for when multiple users will be using the same chair, like with a full office fit out. Most contract office chairs are not designed ergonomically and cannot adequately suit a wide range of users, which is where our range differs.

Each of our contract chairs has multiple adjustments and different seat and back sizes to fit different user sizes and requirements, whilst keeping a uniformed look. They promote improved posture and greater support, ensuring your full workforce are sat correctly. This will ensure that staff enjoy greater comfort and are able to focus and work at their best.

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What Is An Ergonomic Contract Chair?

Ergonomic Contract Chairs are a range of ergonomic chairs designed to be used by a broad range of users. This makes them a great choice for when a larger number of similar chairs are needed, such as for an office fit-out. These chairs provide a significant upgrade to a standard office chair, providing more comfort and support.

What Buy An Ergonomic Contract Chair?

Ergonomic Contract Chairs provide a significant upgrade to a standard office chair, ensuring greater comfort and support for staff, allowing them to work more efficiently. These chairs provide a considerable number of features and adjustability which makes them good value and appropriate for a broad range of users.

These chairs also help to reduce absenteeism and improve happiness because staff are no longer experiencing the same fatigue and strain that basic seating will cause. The build quality is also greatly improved over a basic office chair. If you combine that with maintenance options, then you have a far greater lifecycle for the chair and thus more cost efficiency.

Ergonomic Contract Chair Features

Our Ergonomic Contract Chairs have all the typical features you would expect from a good quality ergonomic office chair. These features include, as standard, or via an upgrade:

  • Ergonomically sculpted seat and backrest
  • Choice of seat sizes
  • Choice of backrest sizes
  • Rocking action
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable back angle
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Memory foam
  • Armrests
  • Neck and headrests

Fitting The Chairs To Your Company As Well As Your Staff

Once you have decided on the contract chair for your staff, we can get them made in almost any colour to fit in with your corporate colours. With each of our contract chairs designed with aesthetics in mind, your offices will look great and your staff will really appreciate using them.

Trialling Contract Chairs

We have dealt with several companies that have sourced standard contract chairs which their staff hate sitting on, costing thousands in replacement chairs. If you are looking to re-fit your office, then please let us know and we can supply you with a full range of contract chairs to sample with your staff before you buy them.