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Ergonomic Chairs Improve Comfort, Well-Being And Productivity

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is one which meets the requirements of an individual and the tasks that they perform, whether this be at a desk, in a meeting or on their lunch. In most work environments chairs are purchased in bulk to fit the entire workforce which is great in principle, but impossible in practise. We are all different shapes and sizes, therefore the idea of an ergonomic chair is to suit the anatomy of the user and ensure that the chair complements the strengths and abilities of an individual and minimises the impact of their limitations. Ergonomic chairs ensure the comfort and support of an inidvidual or entire workforce which in turn can both prevent and manage disabilities, muscular injury and general discomfort.

Why should you buy an ergonomic chair?

By sitting in a chair which doesn't meet a person's requirements, this can force the individual into a poor seated posture and cause discomfort. By providing a workforce with ergonomic chairs which meet the requirements of each individual and their tasks, it can reduce absences, stress and the risk of musculo-skeletal injuries. It also increases productivity and the general happiness and wellbeing of staff.

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Our Ergonomic Chair Range

Our ergonomic chair range have adjustable features to increase comfort, meaning that one chair can be adjusted to suit a wide range of people. Our ergonomic chairs have a model suited to any environment, enabling ergonomics for any chair user!

The adjustability and variable sizes of each of the models within our ergonomic chair range allows companies to fit out environments with a uniform look, whilst providing comfort for each individual - also see our contract chairs.

We have a wide range of ergonomic chairs to enable improved posture and comfort for all - whether the need is a 24/7 Ergonomic Chair, Bariatric Chair or a Petite Ergonomic Chair

Why use Back Care Solutions for your ergonomic chairs?

  • Best selection of products in the country
  • We hold high stock levels for quick delivery 
  • We aim for delivery within 2 weeks 
  • Personal delivery and setup on all of our chairs 
  • 2 week suitability trial on the majority of our products - see terms and conditions for exclusions