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Ergonomic Accessories Make Your Workspace Efficient And Comfortable

Sometimes, something simple like a document holder or a laptop stand may be all you need to make your workstation more ergonomic and improve your posture and comfort at work.

We have an ergonomic solution in our range of ergonomic office accessories for all individuals and all workstations

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Document Holders / Writing Slopes

A document holder and/or a writing slope will avoid writing or referencing from flat on the desk. It raises the paperwork for an upright viewing position to improve posture. Some document holders such as the U Slope Pro and Flex Desk are 2-in-1 document holders and writing slopes

Monitor Raisers

Having a monitor too low will force a downward viewing angle which can cause strain on the neck and back. Similarly, having the monitor too far away can cause the user to lean forward whilst a monitor too close will cause strain on the eyes. A monitor raiser allows the monitor to be positioned at the correct viewing height and distance. Monitor arms such as the Viewmate monitor arm offer a fully adjustable option, perfect for multiple users.

Laptop Stands & Kits

Laptops were not designed ergonomically - they encourage a poor posture and position the screen too close to the user. However, with the use of a laptop stand, the laptop can be raised to the correct height and distance. For a fully ergonomic laptop solution, use a seperate keyboard and mouse from our laptop kits.

Tablet Stands

Tablet use causes poor posture due to the close proximity to the body and hendheld use. Introduce a tablet stand to raise the tablet to a comfortable viewing height and promote an upright posture. For even greater comfort using your table integrate use with a tablet keyboard

Laptop Bags

Carrying a laptop causes strain on the body from the weight. By using a laptop bag, portable workers avoid this strain and significantly reduce the liklihood of muscular injuries. 

Wrist Rests

Wrist rests help to relieve pressure on the wrist and forearm and improve comfort when using a keyboard and mouse

Desk Top Accessories

We have a wide range of ergonomic desk top accessories such as the electric stapler/whole punch to make completing every day tasks easier

Telephone Headsets

Phone use can cause neck ache and strain from inidviduals balancing the phone between their shoulder and ear whilst trying to multi-task. A headset avoids this poor posture whilst a wireless headset offers a chance to walk around

Screen Filters

We have a range of screen filters to avoid glare, offer privacy and also magnify the screen for individuals with visual impairments.