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Take the weight off your feet with a Footrest

Our footrests are designed to provide support for your feet and legs to relieve aching in the knees, legs and ankles. Foot rests also provide a more ergonomic posture by encouraging users to be sat at the correct height on their chair. With a range including economic footrests, high footrests and footrests which rock to stimulate ankle movement and blood flow, we have a model for all environments.

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Why use a foot rest?

Many people, particularly shorter users, don't sit at the correct height for their desk (users should be sat with their arm rests slightly higher then the desk top). If they sit at the correct height, they are unable to touch the floor which places large strain on the knees and legs. Introducing a foot rest enables the user to sit at the correct height and also have their feet fully supported. This problem is also felt in high workstation environments such as laboratories and counters. With footrests height adjustable to 37cm from the floor such as the 959 foot rest, we have a model for any user or environment.

Our footrests are also perfect for multiple users due to the angle and height adjustability on the majority within our range. This makes them ideal in hot-desking environments as all users can set it for their own requirements.

Sitting in a sedentary position can cause aching and numbness in the legs, ankles, knees and feet due to reduced blood flow. By using a footrest, particularly a rocking footrest, it stimulates ankle movement which generates greater blood flow and reduces pressure and numbness in the lower limbs. 

Foot rests are a simple solution for improving posture and comfort at work, by taking the weight off your feet!

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