Wrist rests - relieve pressure when using a mouse and keyboard

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The majority of office workers will use a mouse and keyboard for a large portion of their day. This requires a lot of wrist movement, which over time can cause pain and aching in the wrists. One of our many wrist rests can help to reduce the discomfort felt from long-term mouse and keyboard use. We have a wide variety of wrist rests and supports within our range for inidvidual preference. 

Support your wrist and forearms while you work with a wrist rest 

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Benefits of our wrist rests

Our wrist rests and wrist supports help to reduce pressure on the wrists by keeping them supported and in a neutral position. They also help to avoid discomfort felt from direct contact with a hard desk top - creating a soft area for the wrists to sit. 

We have a wide range of wrist supports, from the Superglide Wrist Rests which position under your mouse and keyboard to specialist ergonomic rests that attach to your desk! Our memory foam arm pads which fit over the majority of chair arms are one of our most popular arm supports. 

A wrist rest combined with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse is a great solution for wrist pressure relief and prevention of problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Order one of our wrist rests today!