Ergonomic Assessments & Training

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Our range of assessments provide accurate, insightful and beneficial advice and recommendations to individuals with a wide range of physical and environmental barriers. Whether you are simply wanting to meet your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulation requirements, have identified concerns during a risk assessment or need help to assess individual complex cases in varying environments then our assessments are available with DSE trained assessors or qualified medical professionals.

Our training is designed to benefit both end users of equipment and those specifying equipment for others. Our workstation training is there to ensure individuals understand their workstation - both in how it should be setup and adjusting the equipment in place. This ensures the prevention of bad habits re-occurring and long-term health and suitability of equipment.

The DSE training is targeted more towards those that assess workstations and prescribe solutions to individuals and whole workforce's to both prevent musculoskeletal injuries occurring in the future and to assist with ongoing pain management. It is designed to familiarise people with the requirements of DSE regulations and areas to consider; as well as providing hands on product training to familiarise individuals with the solutions that are available and see them in action.

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