Face-To-Face DSE Assessments

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Face-To-Face DSE Assessments Identify The Workstation Risks And Factors That Could Cause Discomfort And Injury With Prolonged Use

Face-To-Face DSE Workstation Assessments can be carried out for users in the workplace whether that is at the office or at home. These assessments evaluate the workstation setup and identify areas that are not DSE compliant. Assessments are also useful for evaluating more complex worker cases so appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure wellbeing and optimum work contribution.

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What Are Face-To-Face DSE Assessments?

A Face-To-Face Display Screen Equipment assessment (DSE) is a workstation assessment that identifies risks and factors that could cause discomfort or injury to an individual or workforce through prolonged use. Workstation assessments identify areas that are not DSE compliant and provide recommendations to ensure equipment is provided and set up appropriately for the user’s needs.

Why Buy A Face-To-Face DSE Assessment?

A Face-To-Face DSE assessment provides accurate, transparent, and reliable advice on the behaviours and products organisations and individuals should consider for DSE compliance and highlights any preventative measures needed to help satisfy HSE risk assessments.

Anyone that is suffering from pain or discomfort at their workstation would benefit from our assessment. It will provide advice and recommendations to assist with pain management and improve productivity.

Full written reports are provided that detail the adjustments and improvements made during the assessment. Where necessary, these reports also specify future considerations that would benefit both user and organisation.

Face-To-Face DSE Assessments Features

Face-To-Face DSE Assessments enable organisations and individuals to set up their workstations to be DSE compliant and optimised for work. Some of the assessment features are:

  • Ensure your workspace(s) are DSE compliant
  • Mitigate the chances of staff suffering from fatigue, pain or even injury
  • Educate users on how to set up and use the equipment to ensure their work environments are safe and comfortable
  • Assist with more complex cases to ensure inclusion and best working practices
  • Design and/or futureproof your office with DSE compliance
  • Full report provided after the assessment to highlight any areas of risk and consideration of improvement to provide enhanced comfort and productivity