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BCS Freedom Standing Desk - Radial

£842.00 1010.40 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS5874-RAD

The BCS Freedom radial standing desk offers the same functionality as the twin legged Freedom desks but has a third leg to enable radial curved sized desk tops to be fitted. Our Freedom standing desks offer a cost-effective alternative when considering a corner desk, but with the quality associated with more expensive standing desks.

The BCS Freedom radial desks are exclusively designed for Back Care Solutions and have a modern design with unrivalled functionality, including an 80kg weight limit.

Radial desks offer fantastic ergonomics for each user by increasing the comfortable reaching zone and desk space available. The BCS Freedom radial desk is available in 3 desk top sizes depending on floor space limitations and has a generous height range of 63cm to 123cm. This height adjustment is controlled by a hand-control which attaches in any position to the underside of the desk top and delivers a smooth travel. The absence of a crossbeam on the BCS Freedom corner desk makes it perfect for wheelchair access, leg rest use and pedestal storage.

For details of the Freedom standing desk product options and wood colours available, please refer to the 'Product Information' section at the bottom of this page

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Price as configured:£842.00 (£1010.40 inc. VAT)
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The BCS Freedom standing desks are available in a 3 leg version to accommodate a radial desk top. The lack of a crossbeam on the Freedom Corner desk makes it ideal for using with leg rests and wheelchairs. Available in a range of desk top colours and sizes, the BCS Freedom Corner desk offers a fantastic cost-effective corner desk solution.

Assembly Instructions: Freedom Desk Options
Desk Height Range (cm): 63-123
Desk Lifting Capacity (kg): 80
Desk Height Adjustment Speed (mm/sec): 32

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