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Move your chair with ease by using a Chairmat

We supply a range of chairmats in various shapes, materials and sizes for use with your ergonomic office chair. With chairmats suitable for either hard floors or carpeted floors, we ensure the protection of your floor surface!

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Why would I need a chairmat?

Our chairmats protect your floor surface to ensure damage isn't caused by the chair castors. If you have a thick carpet, a chairmat will also provide ease when moving your chair around - preventing the carpet getting stuck in the castors.

We can also supply anti-fatigue mats for standing desks - check out the anti-fatigue mat available with VARIDESK or ask us for details

Hard floor or carpet chairmat?

It might sound obvious, but if you have a hard floor surface then select a hard floor chairmat and if you have a carpeted floor then a carpet one would be needed