Document Holders

Document Holders

Document holders are an invaluable desktop accessory to avoid a downward viewing angle when referencing paperwork. Viewing paperwork flat on the desk can lead to neck, shoulder and back strain causing a curved posture in the back and a tilted neck position.

A document holder holds reference material in an upright viewing angle in line with the monitors. This enables an upright sitting and head position which promotes a more comfortable posture – reducing strain in the lower back and neck. All movement is carried out in the eyes rather than through the neck muscles.

Document Holders Positioning

Document holders positioning varies depending on whether the user is a touch typist or not. Non-touch typists should position the document holder between the monitor and the keyboard whilst touch typists should place the document holder next to and at the same height as the monitor.

A document holder suitable for a touch typist would be the Fellowes Flex Arm Weighted Base Copyholder or even one which attaches to the monitor such as the 3M Flat Screen Document Holder. There is a vast selection of document holders for non-touch typists such as the Clear Slope Pro, FlexDesk and U Slope Pro.

Document Holder Functions

The majority of document holders have several different angle adjustments to ensure the correct height, viewing angle and positioning on the desktop (see image below). Document holders are also available in different sizes to adapt to different desk sizes such as the U Slope Pro Document Holder which is available in a mini size to save desk space.

Another great breakthrough in ergonomics for office workers are document holders with integrated writing slopes, which enable users to switch between copy referencing and writing without compromising posture and comfort. Copy holders such as the U Slope ProClear Slope Pro and Addit Ergo Doc physically position over the top of the keyboard to enable use as a writing slope whilst document holders such as the FlexDesk and Posturite Multirite slide only the surface part of the document holder/writing slope over the top of the keyboard.

These avoid writing flat on the desktop and also allow the paperwork to be close to the body to avoid stretching.