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Homeworker DSE Workstation Assessment

£75.00 90.00 inc. VAT)

Our Homeworker DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments provide a face to face assessment to ensure people have the correct equipment in place to work from home comfortably and safely. Typically, working from home poses greater risks than working in an office environment as homes are not usually equipped with designated workstations and Display Screen Equipment. Most people will use their dining room table or sofa which significantly affects posture and the likelihood of gaining work-related injuries. Our Homeworker DSE assessment will identify any risks and provide reliable and accurate recommendations to be implemented to minimise and remove these risks.

Our Homeworker DSE Workstation Assessment delivers an in-depth consultation and on-site analysis of the home working environment and provides alterations and recommendations. During our Home Worker DSE Assessment we will also adjust existing equipment to ensure the correct use of existing equipment and ensure its suitability. The content of the Home worker assessment is tailored to home working and the musculoskeletal risks associated with working from home.

Please note that during Covid-19 all on-site assessments will be conducted whilst trying to observe social distancing guidelines. Some close interaction may be required to adjust existing equipment but all of our assessors are fully equipped with PPE to ensure this is completed safely.

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Price as configured:£75.00 (£90.00 inc. VAT)
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Why would you need a Homeworker DSE workstation assessment?

Working from home is seen as a luxury and great way of keeping staff enthusiastic, engaged and happy. However, if steps are not taken to ensure that the equipment and environment at home is suitable for the tasks at hand, then pain and discomfort can result and suddenly working from home can turn into a daily struggle. If you or your staff find yourselves suddenly working from home for the short or long term then one of our Homeworker DSE assessments will ensure you have the correct advice and recommendations to create a homeworking setup adapted to you. The assessment will assist with both prevention of conditions from home working and help to manage any existing conditions that may be aggravated from a change in working environment.

What happens before, during and after my Homeworker DSE assessment?

Once your Homeworker DSE assessment is ordered, we will contact you to book a date and time for the assessment which is convenient for you.

On the day of the assessment we will conduct a face to face assessment in which we will discuss any physical complaints in greater depth and analyse your home working environment. Each aspect of the working environment will be assessed and observations of working posture and equipment will take place. We shall adjust existing equipment to provide a greater level of comfort and support.

Following the Homeworking DSE assessment, we shall provide a full report which highlights any risks identified and explains any changes made at the assessment. Advice and recommendations to be considered for implementation will also be provided within the report. If applicable, a quote shall also be provided for any product recommendations.


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