Electric Sit-stand Desks

Sit-Stand Desks

Conset and Freedom height adjustable electric sit stand desks provide varied features and specifications to suit a range of requirements.

Sit stand desks enable a varied working position, and given the array of features on the Conset desks, they can be specified to suit a range of environments and users. Conset 501-23 sit-stand desks can take a weight of 200kg, whilst the Conset 501-11 sit-stand desks have a weight limit of 150kg making them both ideal for heavy duty industrial use.

There are also frames with a lower weight limit for more general office environments such as the Conset 501-25 which is the most economical of the electric sit stand desks, but still offers an 80kg weight limit.

Electric standing desks, when first introduced onto the market, used to command a cost of over £1000 – now you can get them for half this price and even less if you go for single leg sit-stand Conset desks such as the Conset 501-19.

Price along with the health and productivity benefits associated with sit-stand desks make them an attractive option for offices and home use.

Selecting the best Electric Sit Stand Desk

When choosing electric sit stand desks, there are a range of features to consider that can determine the best sit-stand desk for your requirements. The majority of sit-stand desks have a crossbeam underneath the desk, however this can cause issues if leg rests or pedestals are going to be used. The Conset 501-49 sit-stand desk doesn’t have a crossbeam, providing greater leg-room.

Other considerations with sit-stand desks include the size and shape of the desk top you require as well as the weight which will be placed onto the desk. The weight of the desk top, (roughly 20kg), also needs to be accounted for when determining the weight limit requirements of your sit stand desks.

Each of the standing desks along with their features, options and specifications can be found on the standing desks section of our website. A sit stand desk can be specified to suit any budget, space limitation and environment – enabling them to no longer be a luxury item for the individual, but as a realistic health benefit for the whole work team.