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Manually Height Adjustable Desks - an economic sit-stand option

Our manually height adjustable desks offer an economic option to offices that want the flexibility of a height adjustable desk - but don't have the budget to stretch to the electric desks. Our range of manually height adjustable desks include the Mod-V desks which are set to a certain height to suit individual height requirements, Mod-C desks which are crank adjustable desks and also on-desk solutions from VARIDESK and Ergotron. Our Mod-V & Mod-C height adjustable desk solutions are available in a range of desk top shapes, sizes and finishes or can also be supplied with the frame only - for re-using an existing top.

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Types of manually height adjustable desks

Mod-V Desks - The Mod-V height adjustable desks are not sit-stand desks as all items must be removed from the desk top before adjusting. They are pre-set height adjustable desks, meaning that they can be set to the correct height for any individual - avoiding their desk being too high or low. If someone's desk is too low, it can cause them to hunch over to use their keyboard and mouse. Similarly, if the desk is too high, it can can cause users to stretch.

The Mod-V manually height adjustable desks allow for all individuals to have their desk adjusted and set to the correct height for their needs, ensuring a correct posture is maintained when seated. The lack of a crossbeam also makes them ideal for individuals requiring a leg rest or pedestal.

Mod-C Desks - These are crank height adjustable desks which are easily adjusted by the manual turning of the crank handle. They offer a great height adjustable desk option for environments where mains sockets are unavailable or in schools where electric could cause a health and safety risk.

Please note - for environments where mains sockets are unavailable, we can also supply battery packs on certain models within our electric height adjustable desk range

On-desk Solutions

Sometimes it may be unsuitable or not possible to remove the current desk, despite a height adjustable desk being required. In these instances VARIDESK and Ergotron WorkFit models would be ideal. These offer the benefits of a height adjustable desk by sitting on top of the existing desk and are ready to use straight out of the box. Adjusted by easy to reach handles which enable the simple lifting and lowering function, VARIDESK and Ergotron WorkFit offer a new and innovative way of standing at work.

Don't just sit there - order a manually height adjustable desk today!