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Salli Multiadjuster Saddle Stool

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Salli Multiadjuster is an ergonomic saddle stool whose design has evolved from the traditional riding saddle. The riding-like posture places your body into a healthy upright position with your body weight resting on its sitting bones. This allows your back to assume its natural curve, so you can sit comfortably and relaxed without strain.

Salli Multiadjuster Saddle Stool Product Details

Salli Multiadjuster saddle stool improves your posture by placing you into a near standing position. Your hips are opened to an optimal 135° angle which tilts your pelvis forwards, points your thighs downwards and places your back into a good posture. This position is natural, so it is easy to maintain and ensures you are comfortable and protected from strain and musculoskeletal injuries.

The upright posture Salli Multiadjuster promotes, allows your core to open up so blood circulation and breathing are optimised. Your body is able to work efficiently, delivering oxygen and nutrients around your body as well as getting rid of waste products like carbon dioxide. The upright posture also gives your core muscles a gentle workout as you flex and relax to maintain a healthy position. This is great for your metabolic rate and core strength.

The seat is constructed in two halves, making it appropriate for any gender. The lack of a central part to the seat ensures that you can tilt your pelvis into its natural standing posture without feeling any pressure in the genital area. On a one-part saddle, you often need to move your feet forward to reduce pressure and warmth on the genital area which results in a rounded back. The gap also improves genital health through improved circulation and nerve functions and keeps the chair well ventilated. The width of the saddle is adjustable to suit.

Salli Multiadjuster is height adjustable with a gas spring so you can adjust the stool to your own required working height. The saddle also comes with a locking tilt function so you can angle the saddle forwards. This is great for working as it allows you to extend forwards for tasking.

Ergonomic Benefits

Saddle chairs help improve posture by tilting your pelvis forwards and opening up the angle between your hips and knees to 135°. As you sit, your spine can assume its natural curve which minimises the tension in your back muscles and vertebrae. This reduces the chances of experiencing back pain or musculoskeletal injury, especially when your work routines require you to sit for long periods of time.

Saddle chairs ensure your core is functioning at its strongest due to the natural curvature of your back. In this position, your core muscles are engaged as they work to keep you upright, in a healthy posture. As you flex your muscles to maintain this position you are subconsciously working out, which is great for strength and metabolic rate.

Sitting in a saddle chair places you into a tripod-like position, with a triangle forming between your abducted legs and the chair stem. This is a very strong position to work from with both of your feet placed firmly on the floor giving you greater balance. Your legs are also bearing most of your body weight which helps minimise pressure on the rest of your body.

The upright posture encouraged by sitting in a saddle chair opens up your core, allowing your diaphragm to move freely and your organs to work unhindered. This means your body is more able to move oxygen and nutrients around your body and remove waste products like carbon dioxide.

Saddle chairs encourage active sitting, with minimum exertion required to transition between sitting and standing. Movements are made from the hip, rather than the midriff, which allows you to flex further and easier. Manoeuvring around on your stool is also simplified because you are engaging the larger muscles of your upper legs, rather than the calves.

Saddle chairs allow you to get closer to your work which means you can fulfil your tasks more effectively due to the improved proximity. This reduces the chances of injury from overextending and fatigue from holding yourself in difficult work positions.

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Price as configured:£449.00 (£538.80 inc. VAT)
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Salli Multiadjuster Saddle Stool Features

  • Saddle design
  • Promotes near standing sitting
  • Two-part seat with adjustable width
  • Gaslift height-adjustable
  • Locking tilt mechanism

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Weight Limit (Stone): 18.5
Guarantee: 10 Years
Seat Height (cm): 56-74
Seat Width (cm): 40-43.5
Seat Depth (cm): 38

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