Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks come in a range of different types and designs with the most popular  being the electrically height adjustable sit stand desks. These offer ease of adjustment by a hand control button which attaches to the desk top – avoiding any muscular effort to change the desk’s height. Manual sit stand desks such as the Mod-C desks are also available, but require manually cranking to adjust and don’t offer the same height range as the electric sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks offer a perfect solution to individuals’ that are unable to sit for long durations but wish to carry on working. The user can simply and quickly adjust from a sitting to standing position, hence the term sit-stand, and work at a raised position. This increases workers’ energy by improving blood and oxygen flow around the body and avoiding the ordinary procedure of sitting in one position for long durations of time.

Electric Sit Stand Desks Health Benefits

In Denmark, where our Conset sit-stand desks are manufactured, they have made it compulsory for employers to offer staff sit stand desks due to the health and well-being effects that they have.

These health benefits have been felt first-hand by our company. Our managing director bulged a disc in his back 18 months ago and without the use of a sit-stand desk he would have been unable to continue working. He couldn’t sit down for any duration and therefore worked from a standing position full-time which alleviated the pressure on his disc nerve. The use of a sit-stand desk contributed to him making a full recovery without the need for an operation.

Sit Stand Desks – Hot Desking

Sit stand desks are also perfect for use in a hot-desk environment as they enable a wide range of users to work from one workstation. Each individual can operate at a desk level to suit their requirements.

Sit stand desks are quickly becoming a regular feature of the modern office given their multi-use function, health benefits and increased productivity.